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How Can SERVPRO Save Seal Beach Properties from Extensive Flood Damage?

9/16/2021 (Permalink)

Flood water Seal Beach residents can depend on SERVPRO's experienced technicians to mitigate any level of flood damage.

Can Seal Beach Residents Rely on SERVPRO to Repair Flood Damage? 

Water damage due to floods can be costly to restore and repair. If left unmitigated, flood damage in your Seal Beach home can cause extensive structural damage as well. SERVPRO is committed to preventing this from happening by offering you fast and efficient service.  

SERVPRO technicians are IICRC certified and have extensive experience in restoring flood damage to Seal Beach properties. The floodwater in and around your home impacts building materials' structural integrity, such as wood and concrete. Apart from that, floodwater can also deposit soil and other contaminated sediments on your property. Even if the water recedes, the building can remain waterlogged unless SERVPRO techs take immediate steps to dry the structure. The hydrostatic pressure created by the groundwater can push against foundation or basement walls, weakening them. Hence, you must wait for the SERVPRO professionals to arrive before taking any restorative steps. 

Why SERVPRO Techs Spend so Much Time and Energy on Controlling Humidity During Water Cleanup of Your Seal Beach Home? 

Humidity, or the amount of water vapor in the air, is one of the most important factors determining the drying rate. SERVPRO techs try to create conditions such that the amount of water vapor in the air (or its humidity ratio) is always lower than that of the material. Technicians achieve this in two ways-

  • Actively removing the moisture from the air using dehumidifiers, and
  • By replacing the moisture-laden air near the surface of a drying material with warmer, drier air using air movers

It is equally important to use the right type of equipment and placement during this process. 

Call SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress at (562) 431-9400 to talk to industry experts regarding your restoration needs.  

Why SERVPRO is the Best Choice In Seal Beach After Flood Damage

9/7/2021 (Permalink)

Flood water in home SERVPRO knows how your flooring can be damaged from flooding. We come prepared with the equipment your home needs after a flood occurs.

Identifying Hazards After Flooding in Seal Beach Homes

Flooding can create hazards out of otherwise normal circumstances and utility services present in your Seal Beach home. Recognizing these threats as they develop can help to reduce the severity of these conditions and their direct effect on the occupants of the house. When flooding situations are bad enough, it is unlikely that families can remain in their homes until some level of restoration is completed, which can often help these individuals to avoid the physical harm of encountering damaging hazards after this disaster.  

Safety is a genuine concern of our SERVPRO team for both our technicians and our customers, as recovering flood damage in Seal Beach homes rarely comes without potential pitfalls and dangers. Recognizing these threats is part of our initial scoping process for the job, meaning that we can develop strategies to address these concerns directly through restoration and cleanup or to avoid them until the appropriate time where cleaning and recovering the area would be a safer venture.


Contaminated water is always a potential threat to natural flood damage scenarios. Rising waters can bring in mud and sediment, but also bacteria, germs, and other substances and solids deemed bio-hazardous. Muck-out after extraction can help address the bulk of these concerns, but more intricate cleaning is necessary to remove the threat entirely.

Structural Failures

When our SERVPRO estimator and project manager walk through the property, it is critical to notate saturated ceiling materials, drywall, and wet flooring materials. All of these could indicate areas where structural components could fail under the weight of heavier elements or after deterioration and decomposition.

Electric Shock

Electricity is one of the services that many homes could not do without, but it can also be one of the most harmful threats to a flooded house. Our professionals often sever all power to the property until we can manage standing water and moisture concerns enough to restore the electrical services safely.

Bystander Threats

Other people pushing their way onto the work area, such as the residents of the property who have been temporarily displaced or even intrusive neighbors, can not only hinder the process but become safety concerns, as well. To prevent this, we can install temporary fencing around the job site until restoration and reconstruction efforts complete.

Flooding can come with multiple hazards for a residence, but our SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress team can work through these conditions safely to get you back to preloss conditions fast. Give us a call today at (562) 431-9400.

How SERVPRO Restores Water Damaged Homes in Seal Beach

8/30/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle SERVPRO technicians come equipped with state of the art equipment and skill to wipe out any trace of water damage in your property.

Protect Your Seal Beach Property with Expert Water Cleanup Services 

Should you find that your dishwasher malfunctions and soapy water begins to overflow throughout your kitchen, what do you do? Instead of panicking, calling the professionals to address the water cleanup is the best way to ensure you limit the amount of damage to your interior. SERVPRO arrives quickly and puts together a plan of action that involves pulling up water and then seamlessly transitioning into water restoration steps.  

Any resident that fails to start water cleanup in Seal Beach as promptly as possible sees that the damage to their belongings gets worse with time. Water from a faulty appliance begins seeping into everything, slowly causing damage. The further that water gets into porous materials, the more difficult the restoration process is. While the water damage progresses, water moves from areas of saturation to dryer sections, sometimes migrating upward. 

How Quickly Can Water Damage Impact a Home?

Did you know that it can take less than 24 hours for drywall to start swelling after exposure to a significant leak? Once SERVPRO has the chance to mitigate the impacted area, we usually can salvage most or all of the drywall. In some situations, pulling out baseboards and using drying equipment to force air into the wall cavities fosters drying on both drywall surfaces. Proper airflow significantly reduces water damage, often cutting back on the amount of tear-out work on your property. Whenever our team has the chance to deconstruct less, the amount of reconstruction required is also a lot less. 

With flooring, there is a bit of a window before the water damage turns into something much more involved. After that time passes, it is vital to remove the current flooring to have it replaced with new materials. The warm water escaping from your faulty dishwasher disintegrates adhesives used with linoleum or tile floors. Luckily, SERVPRO features a building and reconstruction department to address flooring restoration to get your kitchen back to normal.  

From the prompt response to the latest technology for locating and eliminating moisture, our team at SERVPRO of Seal Beach/Los Alamitos/Cypress is here to help with your water cleanup needs. Contact us anytime you need us at (562) 431-9400, and we can send a team out as soon as possible to start the assessment.

Can SERVPRO Help in Restoring Fire Damage to Furniture in Seal Beach Homes?

8/25/2021 (Permalink)

Chair on fire Regardless of the type of furniture in the room which is facing fire damage, calling SERVPRO will help to remediate the situation. Call today!

SERVPRO Helps Seal Beach Residents Get Their Homes Back in Order After a Fire Damage Incidence 

Fire and smoke can damage various contents of your home, including wooden furniture. The restorability of furniture after fire damage to your Seal Beach home depends on both the type of finish and the extent of smoke damage. 

The methods that SERVPRO techs use to clean wooden furniture after fire damage to your Seal Beach home depend on the type of surface. Unfinished wood is porous and can easily absorb smoke residue and odor, making it difficult to clean. SERVPRO techs use dry cleaning methods for such surfaces. On the other hand, wood surfaces finished with varnishes, shellac, lacquer, or paint can withstand wet cleaning. SERVPRO restorers use alkali surface cleaners or mild detergents to clean such surfaces.  

Can Professionals Restore all Furniture in Fire Damaged Homes in Seal Beach? 

Restoration may not be possible if the surface of the furniture in your Seal Beach home is heavily blistered or permanently stained. In such cases, the SERVPRO technicians recommend refinishing the damaged surfaces. 

  • Blistering: Heat from fire damage can result in the blistering of wooden surfaces allowing the smoke to penetrate the finish and discolor it. Consequently, it might not be possible for SERVPRO experts to restore such surfaces. 
  • Staining: Dry smoke damage can be easily cleaned, while wet smoke particles (often containing aerosols) can permanently stain the surfaces. Refinishing might be the only option in such situations. 

Call SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress at (562) 431-9400 with any questions regarding fire and smoke damage to your home. 

How Can SERVPRO Help Mold-Damaged Seal Beach Shops?

8/24/2021 (Permalink)

mold on office cabinets When mold strikes your commercial building. Call SERVPRO and let them handle all the commercial mold damage remediation.

With Fast and Knowledgeable Action, Remediators Can Prevent Greater Mold Damage in Seal Beach Structures. 

Shops along the coast are susceptible to higher humid conditions, not to mention flooding surges that impact the shops and restaurants on the main drag. When mold conditions develop, our team can help.

What Initial Steps Does SERVPRO Take for Mold-Damaged Businesses?

Being among the leading mold removal companies for Seal Beach, we are a trusted name for mitigation and remediation, including:

  • Content Relocation – Professionals of our SERVPRO team pull possibly affected items from the damage path. 
  • Containment – Containing the spread and severity of mold events can be critical for a business. Plastic sheeting on doorways, openings, and the HVAC system can prevent the migration of active spores to establish new and destructive colonies.
  • Deodorization – A common obstacle for mold and microbial threats that could impact your customers is a harsh, musty odor. We can employ several tools to neutralize these effects. 
  • Cleaning – Surface cleaning can be beneficial in multiple ways. Not only can this process help to reduce foul odors, but it might also eliminate light mold damage developing when antimicrobial products are used. 

Mold can be a devastating situation for even small shops and businesses near the beachfront. Despite how destructive the organisms can be, our SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress team's fast responses can help protect the structure and its contents from irreparable harm. We are available 24/7 at (562) 431-9400.

The Many Faces of Flood Damage at Your Seal Beach Home

8/24/2021 (Permalink)

moisture meter SERVPRO techs are trained and experienced in all phases of storm damage restoration. Save your home and money, call us now!

SERVPRO's Thorough Investigation and Remediation Can Help Prevent Any Secondary Damages From Forming

It is a typical misconception that flooding is only caused to Seal Beach homes from a handful of different things occurring. In fact, there are nearly infinite scenarios that your home could experience during torrential storms or severe weather events that could dramatically compromise its structural integrity and ability to keep the elements (like rainfall or floodwaters) outside where they belong. Regardless of how it happens, you need to know whom you can call to help you fix the damages and restore your home to the way it was before the water could get in.  

Leaking Roof from Storms

With the varying degrees of storm damages that could potentially occur, flood damage to your Seal Beach home might not always happen in your basement or lowest level. Even though basement flooding can be traumatic enough as it is, when something like your attic gets flooded, the possibility of significant structural damage to the other floors of your home becomes a real threat that must get addressed as quickly as possible. That is where our SERVPRO team of restoration specialists comes in. 

When you call our experienced and professional team of technicians, you can expect that we are going to respond quickly. We can appreciate the gravity of the situation and understand that the threat of lingering or worsening structural damage is on the rise as time passes. With our tools and expertise, our team is uniquely able to overcome any obstacle and successfully restore your home to preloss conditions.  

Water Removal Services

With storm damage to any area of your home, sealing up these entry points for floodwaters is critical to restoring the damage. That is the priority when we arrive at your home, preventing the problem from getting worse as our SERVPRO technicians begin extracting the pooled water. Drying follows this process, allowing our team to assess potential structural concerns and damage extensively once the water and lingering moisture have gotten removed. 

Flood damage is not something that looks the same from house to house, so you want a restoration company that can treat your disaster quickly and thoroughly, regardless of the circumstances. Our SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress team of qualified restoration specialists can help you get your home back after flood damage. Give us a call today at (562) 431-9400. 

Seal Beach Campers and RVs with Water Damage Progressively Decay Without Proper Mitigation

8/24/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo Water damage to your RV or camper is a job for SERVPRO. Save time and money with the most trusted water restoration company.

SERVPRO Can Help Restore Your Camper or RV for a Safe and Stress-Free Vacation

Many families around Seal Beach choose a camper or RV to help their family spend more quality time together while saving money over the years. However, during the months it remains unused, problems can go undetected. When water from rain or leaking pipes remains in contact with the materials inside your home away from home, damage can accrue at an alarming pace.

When water damages such structures, they quickly become unusable for trips out of Seal Beach. SERVPRO restores more than homes and businesses. We also can restore other structures “Like it never even happened.” When we perform water damage restoration services in Seal Beach, we reduce the aggravation and disappointment that our customers experience.

Without a solid, watertight roof on your vacation vehicle, rainy nights can end up as horrible experiences. Water that seeps behind walls can develop soft, mushy areas. The slightest pressure can permit holes to open up, exposing insulation and other substances that can cause health effects. Worrying about such possibilities can ruin your enjoyment on your vacation. Preparing now, long before vacation time arrives, by having our experts restore your RV or camper can keep water damage from increasing and spreading.

Water Removal Services

Drying everything out and replacing any saturated materials can make everything right again. Hydroxyl gas can quickly make things fresh-smelling again inside your camper. We know how water can affect carpeting, also, and if we begin restoration efforts soon enough, we can restore your carpet. We test the fibers and how much deterioration exists and then go deeper into the flooring underneath. 

From the roof to the floor, SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress can restore your camper or RV so your family has reliable, safe shelter during your next vacation. No job is ever too large, nor too small for SERVPRO professionals. Call us at (562) 431-9400, so we can help ensure your next adventure goes smoothly and without any unexpected difficulties.

How Professionals Combat Odor After Commercial Water Damage to Your Seal Beach Property

6/25/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle SERVPRO professionals are trained to handle every level of water damage, Including the odors that follow. Call us today, we are always available.

Professional SERVPRO Technicians Remediate ALL Aspects of Water Damage at Your Office 

A water damage incident on your commercial property, whether a warehouse, a building or an office, can cause significant damage if not correctly handled. One of the biggest problems in the aftermath of such damage is the problem of odor. 

If water damage has affected your Seal Beach property, chances are, it needs deodorization treatment. Thankfully, there are a variety of methods at a professional's disposal to tackle the problem of odor. 

Injection Methods 

It is a method that works the best if lifting up the carpet from an office or a similar commercial enterprise is not possible. In this method, small amounts of deodorants are injected directly into the spots on carpet or upholstery with a needle and a syringe. SERVPRO professionals use some of the most potent odor masking deodorants while employing this method. 

Direct Spraying 

As the name suggests, direct spraying involves spraying deodorant directly onto the affected area. This method is also often used to apply disinfectants after water damage as well. 

Wet fogging 

SERVPRO technicians use Ultra Low Volume (ULV) foggers to dispense tiny microscopic particles of a deodorant. These foggers can be used to distribute water-based as well as solvent-based deodorizing agents. As the particles dispensed by foggers are small, they can penetrate deeper into the pores of various surfaces and neutralize odor-causing particles. 

Dry Fogging (Thermal Fogging) 

Thermal fogging involves breaking down the deodorant into smaller particles using heat. Only solvent-based deodorants are used during the thermal fogging. As the deodorant particles are broken down by the application of heat, the dry fog can penetrate deeper than the wet fog. 

Air Scrubbers 

Air scrubbers remove the airborne odor-causing particles and neutralize them. The device draws air in through a series of filters that filter off most odor-causing particles from the air. HEPA filters used in this equipment can eliminate 99.97% of odor-causing particles that are as small as 0.3 microns in size. 

Call SERVPRO of Seal Beach/ Los Alamitos/ Cypress at (562) 431-9400 to talk to one of our experts and discuss your deodorization options after water damage to your commercial property. 

Remodeling vs. Restoring after Fire Damage within Your Los Alamitos Residence

6/17/2021 (Permalink)

Home after a fire Our professionals have state of the art equipment to clean up and restore your home so you can return safely after a fire.

Certified SERVPRO Technicians Quickly Remediate Damage After Fire Damage in Your Home

After a house fire in Los Alamitos, some homeowners decide that restoring their home to the same floor plan does not suit the needs of their families. What may have worked out wonderfully at purchasing time can become much smaller for a growing family. Empty-nesters might find that their homes now offer too much living space and desire to change it so it can serve other purposes. 

After fire damage affects their Los Alamitos home, residents have different options regarding restoration. A new floor plan is an option if a home sustains enough damage that gutting the interior walls and other structures took place. Some homeowners choose this option to make their homes suit their current needs better and save on rebuilding costs. 

Fire Damage Restoration

The professionals at SERVPRO are here to serve our customers' needs after a disaster, including going the extra mile in preparing fire damaged homes for such extensive restoration work. Ensuring that a clean slate, free of all debris and non-essential or burned structures, no longer can impede rebuilding efforts, we help make sure that reconstruction efforts can proceed on schedule. Part of proceeding along this journey includes insurance agents and gaining their approval. As a neutral third party, we often help homeowners by providing written assessments of the damage. 

When a home's floor plan remains primarily unfazed by a fire, significantly changing it should come only after careful consideration of the factors involved. Costs can rise considerably in such cases, and homeowners should factor in possible complications involving electrical wiring, plumbing, and other issues. Removing a wall may seem simple enough to carry out until builders determine that the wall in question provided structural support to the second level of the house. 

Other damages, such as personal belongings, furniture, household furnishings such as carpets, draperies, blinds, and big-ticket items, are listed on our inventory sheets. We place each one in the appropriate category as salvageable, destroyed, or uncertain, helping you complete claims involving replacement costs. 

SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress strives to help the people in our area continue their lives after disastrous events. Locally owned and operated, we want to help families affected by fire damage return home. We are always ready to help you, regardless of the hour, 365 days a year. Our services are available 24 hours a day by calling us at (562) 431-9400.

Is It Possible to Restore Wood Furniture After Seal Beach Flood Damage?

6/10/2021 (Permalink)

Homes in flood waters We understand how seriously flood water can impact your home. SERVPRO has the technicians who can assist you.

Seal Beach SERVPRO Professionals Restore Furnishings After Flood Damage

Seal Beach’s location ensures that its residents are no strangers to the occasional heavy storm or flood. Even the most arid parts of the United States are at risk of flooding. The average flood claim for U.S. homeowners is approximately $43,000.

SERVPRO responds to calls for Seal Beach flood damage mitigation and restoration 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Highly-trained technicians implement a combination of cutting-edge technologies and reliable cleaning methods per Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) protocols.

SERVPRO Flood Damage Inspection Tools

Inspection of flood damage to a Seal Beach property requires many tools and an understanding of the science behind water damage and microbes. This process is repeated before mitigation, during flood cleanup, and after drying is finished.

Tools used during SERVPRO’s inspection process include:

  • Thermal imaging cameras to detect the extent of water damage inside or underneath wall cavities and subfloors
  • Thermo-hygrometers, which can detect temperature and relative humidity in a given space. Some even measure dew point
  • Penetrating moisture meters with Teflon-coated probes, which can test moisture levels inside walls and flooring

Should a property not have access to power after flooding, SERVPRO professionals can bring power sources for equipment.

Call SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress at (562) 431-9400 for a Faster to Any Size Disaster cleanup.