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Revealed: Team SERVPRO Offers Effective Storm Damage Remediation Services in Seal Beach

3/9/2020 (Permalink)

flood damaged flooring Whether it's heavy rains or an appliance failure, excess water and flooding can quickly damage your home. Contact SERVPRO for remediation services.

Flood Damage Seal Beach – Heavy Rain Storms

Our climate in Southern California is usually dry and very comfortable. Occasionally heavy rainstorms blow into the area, causing flooding from overflowing streams as well as from streets and storm drains that cannot handle the large amount of runoff. Homes and businesses flood, causing damage to contents and structures in local homes.

SERVPRO provides flood damage services in Seal Beach as well as surrounding areas. We respond in less than four hours to meet our client's needs and reduce the amount of damage as much as possible. Contents and structural items that remain exposed to high moisture levels for extended periods may become damaged beyond our restoration parameters, and mold infestations can also occur. We are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week to meet our fellow neighbor's needs.

Rain Storms and Flooding

Our roads and storm drains are designed to handle large amounts of runoff from storms; however, sometimes, the capacity is not sufficient, and homes are flooded. The water runoff not only brings lots of water into your home, but also contamination from many sources, and some are harmful to residents and their pets.

Before entering your home after a flood, always take precautions to protect yourself from electrocution if the power is still on and the contamination which may exist in the remaining water and debris. Our SERVPRO response team can quickly assess the situation and immediately begin mitigation activity to minimize the amount of long term damage.

SERVPRO technicians wearing appropriate protective gear, begin removing debris, mud, and water from your home. Hard surface items can be set aside for cleaning and decontamination. Porous contents may need to be removed from the home. We make flood cuts above the water line to access areas inside walls to remove water and moisture, avoiding mold contamination later on.

Once your home is decontaminated and dried, contractors can begin restoration and repair activities to return your home to its original condition. We have over 50 years of disaster recovery experience to bring to every disaster.

Call SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress at (562) 431-9400 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Surfside and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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How SERVPRO Restores Water Damaged Homes in Seal Beach

2/25/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged hardwood floor Water can damage hardwood floors and drywall. SERVPRO has the know how to restore your home.

Protect Your Los Angeles Property with Expert Water Cleanup Services 

Should you find that your dishwasher malfunctions and soapy water begins to overflow throughout your kitchen, what do you do? Instead of panicking, calling the professionals to address the water cleanup is the best way to ensure you limit the amount of damage to your interior. SERVPRO arrives quickly and puts together a plan of action that involves pulling up water and then seamlessly transitioning into water restoration steps.  

Any resident that fails to start water cleanup in Los Angeles as promptly as possible sees that the damage to their belongings gets worse with time. Water from a faulty appliance begins seeping into everything, slowly causing damage. The further that water gets into porous materials, the more difficult the restoration process is. While the water loss event progresses, water moves from areas of saturation to dryer sections, sometimes migrating upward. 

Did you know that it can take less than 24 hours for drywall to start swelling after exposure to a significant leak? Once SERVPRO has the chance to mitigate the impacted area, we usually can salvage most, or all, of the drywall. In some situations, pulling out baseboards and using drying equipment to force air into the wall cavities fosters drying on both drywall surfaces. Proper airflow significantly reduces water damage, often cutting back on the amount of tear-out work on your property. Whenever our team has the chance to deconstruct less, the amount of reconstruction required is also a lot less. 

With flooring, there is a bit of a window before the water damage turns into something much more involved. After that time passes, it is vital to remove the current flooring to have it replaced with new materials. The warm water escaping from your faulty dishwasher disintegrates adhesives used with linoleum or tile floors. Luckily, SERVPRO features a building and reconstruction department to address flooring restoration to get your kitchen back to normal.  

From the prompt response to the latest technology for locating and eliminating moisture, our team at SERVPRO of Seal Beach/Los Alamitos/Cypress is here to help with your water cleanup needs. Contact us anytime you need us at (562) 431-9400, and we can send a team out as soon as possible to start the assessment. 

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Become Familiar With Effective Fire Damage Remediation Techniques in Seal Beach

2/24/2020 (Permalink)

flames and smoke on building Fires can leave behind fire damage including soot and odor. Contact our certified SERVPRO team right after the fire fighters leave.

Common Questions Seal Beach Homeowners Have After Fire Damage

Fire damage comes from a lot of different sources and leaves behind varying levels of loss. The common factor in all of it is that it needs professional level cleanup because soot and smoke residues have the potential to be an irritant and are unhealthy to live around. 

This approach to fire damage is misleading to Seal Beach residents, particularly in the case of small-scale fires where not a lot of visible damage happened, such as in the case where a pan flames up during cooking and there is not a lot of smoke residue seen. Still, a strong, pungent odor permeates the kitchen. The reason for this is protein fires emit a nearly invisible spray that smells strong but is challenging to see as it coats surfaces in the kitchen. 

Can Homeowners Clean Up Fire Loss?

This is a case of just because you can does not mean you should. DIY fire loss cleanup often creates more damage than done by the fire. Using wet cleaning solutions on dry smoke can drive the soot deeper into surfaces, ruining the prospects for restoration. One helpful action homeowners can take is making a list of valuable or sentimental items and asking SERVPRO techs to locate them for you. Essential things to have in your possession include: 

  • Cash, credit cards and checkbooks
  • Medications
  • Personal documents 
  • Passports
  • Birth certificates
  • Expensive items

How Long Does the Restoration Process Last?

As each fire loss is a unique situation, the technicians scope the damage and then can create a timeline for the homeowner to count on for the amount of time they estimate the restoration to take. 

Do I Need to Vacate the Property During Mitigation?

When the fire loss gets contained to a single, small area in the house, homeowners may be able to stay. However, breathing soot is unhealthy, and in most cases, it is wise to make arrangements to stay elsewhere during fire loss cleanup and restoration services. 

Should Belongings Get Packed Up?

While on-site restoration is preferable when necessary, SERVPRO techs can pack out belongings. They use a comprehensive contents control system that includes the state, photo, and location of each item within the home, so after restoration efforts complete, each piece gets returned where it belongs. 

Can the HVAC Run? 

Post-fire loss, it is best to have your unit and ductwork inspected to ensure there are not odorous soot particles resident. The thorough cleaning of the ducts ensures the fire odor does not spread throughout the home. 

SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress at (562) 431-9400  has certified, trained technicians to make the fire damage to your home "Like it never even happened."

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Why We Are The Best Choice In Seal Beach After A Flood

2/5/2020 (Permalink)

A tree down on the roof of this home A strong storm disturbance resulted in a tree crushing a portion of the roof in this home. We arrived right away and began restoration.

Identifying Hazards After Flooding in Seal Beach Homes

Flooding can create hazards out of otherwise normal circumstances and utility services present in your Seal Beach home. Recognizing these threats as they develop can help to reduce the severity of these conditions and their direct effect on the occupants of the house. When flooding situations are bad enough, it is unlikely that families can remain in their homes until some level of restoration completes, which can often help these individuals to avoid the physical harm of encountering damaging hazards after this disaster.  

Safety is a genuine concern of our SERVPRO team for both our technicians and our customers, as recovering flood damage in Seal Beach homes rarely comes without potential pitfalls and dangers. Recognizing these threats is part of our initial scoping process for the job, meaning that we can develop strategies to address these concerns directly through restoration and cleanup, or to avoid them until the appropriate time where cleaning and recovering the area would be a safer venture.


Contaminated water is always a potential threat to natural flood damage scenarios. Rising waters can bring in mud and sediment, but also bacteria, germs, and other substances and solids deemed biohazardous. Muck-out after extraction can help to address the bulk of these concerns, but more intricate cleaning is necessary to remove the threat entirely.

Structural Failures

When our SERVPRO estimator and project manager walk through the property, it is critical to notate saturated ceiling materials, drywall, and wet flooring materials. All of these could indicate areas where structural components could fail under the weight of heavier elements or after deterioration and decomposition.

Electric Shock

Electricity is one of the services that many homes could not do without, but it can also be one of the most harmful threats to a flooded house. Our professionals often sever all power to the property until we can manage standing water and moisture concerns enough to restore the electrical services safely.

Bystander Threats

Other people pushing their way onto the work area, such as the residents of the property who have been temporarily displaced or even intrusive neighbors, can not only hinder the process but become safety concerns, as well. To prevent this, we can install temporary fencing around the job site until restoration and reconstruction efforts complete.

Flooding can come with multiple hazards for a residence, but our SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress team can work through these conditions safely to get you back to preloss condition fast. Give us a call today at (562) 431-9400.

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Debris Cleanup to Begin Flood Recovery in Seal Beach Shop

2/4/2020 (Permalink)

"We can help" Our SERVPRO teams have the experience and expertise to help you. Give us a call at (562) 431-9400.

Why You Need Help Fixing Flood Damage in your Seal Beach Business

Natural flooding situations can be very threatening to your Seal Beach shop, especially when the floor space of your business is already minimal. You need a team of restoration professionals that can work quickly to help, as you need to protect your wares as well as remove the flood effects from the floor of the shop to get your doors back open. As challenging as this might seem, our SERVPRO team can help with effective debris removal, water removal, structural drying, and reconstruction.

Despite the other essential elements of mitigation for your business, addressing flood damage to Seal Beach shops begins with a muck out procedure. In many instances, natural flooding can bring debris, sediment, mud, bacteria, and other contaminants into your small shop. While many of the items for sale in your store became directly exposed to these potential contaminants, it is still possible to remove any wares above the standing water in your business.

Debris removal must often occur along with other emergency services before mitigation can even start. In many situations, our SERVPRO professionals can appreciate the immediate need for action while our administration gets the pertinent information from your insurance and approvals from other governing bodies. Our fast response to flood losses can help us to pull standing water from the shop floor with our trash pumps to get to the layer of mud and debris that must get removed from the shop.

Racks and shelves can get removed from the shop floor to make shoveling muck and sediment faster. While shoveling can take care of most of the buildup on the floors, secondary practices like wet vacuuming can handle the remaining presence. The removal of this debris can help to reduce present contamination in the shop and reduce the likelihood of widespread microbial colonization.

Muck out can help to reduce the damages that your shop ultimately faces, even when controlled demolition and replacement shelving are necessary. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, and our SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress team can help however you need. Give us a call at (562) 431-9400.

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Find Out Now, What Should You Do For Effective Flood Damage Remediation in Seal Beach

1/19/2020 (Permalink)

flooded garage Regardless of how your garage got flooded, contacting SERVPRO is the best way to remedy the situation. Call us 24/7 for your emergency.

Mitigating Flood Damage in a Seal Beach Garage

Garage flooding, while it might not seem as disastrous at first glance as other types of floods, can leave your home vulnerable to many structural issues.  Because the garage often has much structure material openly available for saturation, there are plenty of opportunities for microbes and water damage to proliferate and affect the structural integrity of your home.

If the garage of your Seal Beach residence has endured flood damage and requires rapid mitigation, you can count on IICRC-certified SERVPRO technicians to answer the call and restore your home to a preloss condition quickly.  This team works closely with both homeowners and insurance adjusters to ensure a deep and thorough clean, as well as the removal of contaminated or unsalvageable items. The goal is to maximize safety while keeping the focus on restoration whenever it is safe and feasible to do so.

Faster to Any Size Emergency

Many home disasters require rapid response. Unfortunately, these incidents can occur any time of the day or night, much to the chagrin of many homeowners. This is why all individually owned and operated SERVPRO locations in the US and Canada—over 1700 franchise locations—are committed to providing their mitigation services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. This is especially crucial for flood damage, which can cause a variety of other problems besides the immediate concerns brought in by water saturation. Microbes and contaminants can introduce even more risks.

How SERVPRO Mitigates Damage

SERVPRO technicians can immediately get to work on both evacuating items, as well as extracting water to prepare your garage for drying. In a flood situation, disinfection needs to be done after extraction but before drying to prevent the spread of microbes through the air, which can have health effects. Technicians take great care to preserve the health and safety of homeowners and ensure that their property is clean and safe once more after a flood. If you have suffered a power outage, SERVPRO can provide power sources necessary to fuel sump pumps and other equipment.

SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress wants to leave your home looking, "Like it never even happened." Call (562) 431-9400 for diaster cleanup any time of the day or night.

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We're Faster To Any Size Disaster In Seal Beach After A Flood

1/13/2020 (Permalink)

Three of our green machines drying the flood damage in this property Our 24-hour emergency service technicians are ready to respond quickly to your call. We have the state of the art equipment to handle any size job.

Issues That Delay Flood Damage Restoration in Seal Beach 

When flooding affects your Seal Beach property, it is ideal to start restoration immediately the water within the neighborhood recedes. However, various factors can interfere with restoration plans. Help from a professional restoration team such as SERVPRO ensures any bottleneck is identified early enough.

Extensive Demolition

When a flood damage incident in Seal Beach involves many areas with porous materials, there is a need to remove such materials. A significant percentage of porous materials in homes are located in hidden areas necessitating extensive demolition. Our SERVPRO technicians establish the extent of water migration immediately after visiting the property for the initial inspection. Early problem identification helps us devise ways to complete the demolition conveniently. For example, by making flood cuts, we only remove wall materials in affected sections rather than tearing down entire walls.

The Need for Industrial Hygienist

Flood damage incidents can contaminate property with chemicals and biohazards, among other materials. In most cases, the contamination is minimal, and thorough cleaning helps restore sanitary conditions at the property. However, in some cases, there is a need for industrial hygienists to perform tests and make recommendations. As the restoration team waits for the hygienist, the restoration process might stall.

Special Materials

The presence of certain materials in the flooded property can delay the restoration process because they require exceptional evaluation to determine whether it is possible to save them. Such materials might include hardwood floors, cabinetry, or tiles, among others. Restoring the materials might also take time. For example, hardwood floors might require specialized drying processes such as using drying chambers to prevent cracking, buckling, or other physical changes. For tiled floors, our SERVPRO technicians use of drying mats to remove water that migrates beneath the surface, thus eliminating the need to demolish the floor.

Working with an experienced team can help clear many obstacles to restoring flood damage. Call SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress at (562) 431-9400 to help. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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The Insider Secrets of Seal Beach Fire Damage Remediation 

12/29/2019 (Permalink)

burned home interior Our certified technicians arrive on the scene with state of the art tools to remediate the fire damage scenario in your home.

Air Filtration Devices Used After Fires in Seal Beach Homes 

Fires are a damaging situation for many areas of your Seal Beach residence. Because of carcinogens, carbons, soot, and ash circulating in the air after a structure fire, filtration of the entire household is a venture that should get started as promptly as possible. With advanced tools and technologies for filtration and improving air quality, our SERVPRO professionals can gain control of a potentially hazardous situation. 

Choosing the right tool for the job is universal in recovering fire damage in Seal Beach residences. Cleaning soot, for instance, requires different approaches depending on the material affected. Carefully orchestrating the best strategy involves scoping the work to get performed and choosing the best tools among our inventory to complete these tasks. Air filtration can improve the breathability of the air within a fire-damaged structure, and we have multiple devices up to this task. 

Air Scrubbers 

Air scrubbers are among the most commonly used filtration tools in our inventory of equipment. Their specific job is exclusive to reduce contaminants and debris circulating in the air. With soot particles flowing in the air, having a filtration device that can remove these contaminants can reduce potential health hazards. 

Hydroxyl Generators 

These machines are dual-purpose units that can remove circulating contaminants, debris, ash, and soot, as well as begin the daunting task of odor removal. With onboard HEPA filtration, air can get made cleaner as it passes through the system. The use of UV spectrums to clean the environment also neutralizes present odors as well. 

The effectiveness of any air filtration device hinges on the filter installed in the unit. HEPA filtration is the most thorough of all the options for our equipment, as this can remove 99.97 percent of particles/contaminants that are as small as 0.3 microns. This filter is especially effective against volatile organic compounds that can become a threat after fire extinguishment. 

Cleaning the environment is often an emergency service that our SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress team must perform to begin other mitigation tactics safely. No matter how we can help after a fire, give our professionals a call 24/7 at (562) 431-9400. 

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Removing Trapped Water in Ceiling Cavities of Los Angeles Homes

12/12/2019 (Permalink)

A crack in a ceiling with water dripping through the crack. Los Angeles water can travel anywhere in your home. Let SERVPRO help you through.

SERVPRO knows what your Los Angeles home will need after your water damage.

You might not notice the intricacies of your plumbing system until water loss incidents occur in your Los Angeles residence. With much of this pipe contained between floors of your home, a leak could inevitably lead to a need for water removal in ceiling cavities. When approached early enough, our full-service professionals can dry moisture from this space and remove the compromised ceiling tile and other construction materials as well. 

As challenging as structural cavity drying can be, water removal in Los Angeles homes always involves a combination of our premier equipment and techniques. Ceiling cavities can show their damage when water begins to pass through this space and leak onto the floor and walls of the level beneath this area. Our professionals understand how crucial effective cleaning and recovery can be in these circumstances, so we have a division of general contractors that can help with drywall removal and other temporary construction solutions. 

Removal of ceiling tile is a common starting point to locate both the leak that needs repairing in the plumbing system and other damaged materials within this cavity. Most of these cavities have insulation and other materials that can absorb water and become a hefty threat in this space. Over encumbered insulation can become too heavy for the ceiling structural elements to hold back, leading to collapses. 

Removing water from these areas starts with allowing the cavity to drain out. Extraction approaches are less effective here, though there are potential applications for wet vacuuming depending on the circumstances. Our SERVPRO team can remove saturated insulation to help expedite this draining process and prepare the area for more direct drying efforts with air movers, dehumidifiers, and positive pressure systems. 

While the ceiling space is a favored position for your plumbing pipes, it can lead to challenging water loss scenarios. You can count on the experience and equipment of our SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress team to help however you need. Give us a call anytime disaster strikes at (562) 431-9400.

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Give Our Professionals A Call 24/7 In Los Angeles After A Fire

12/12/2019 (Permalink)

A washer and dryer covered in soot and smoke damage after a fire disaster Our technicians are IICRC certified and highly trained and have the advanced equipment to restore your home to pre-damage conditions.

Factors that Can Hinder Post-Fire Cleaning in Los Angeles Homes

Cleaning up after a fire is one of the most significant obstacles that professional restorers face when recovering Los Angeles homes. As challenging as contaminants and even structural damages can become, the need for residue removal and debris removal present immediate risks and hazards for those exposed. Failure to address the cleaning needed in a fire-damaged home quickly can amplify effects like smoke odors, soot concentrations, and surface marring.

Debris removal and cleaning of fire damage in Los Angeles homes can be efficient and productive for our restorers when conditions are ideal. Several factors can affect the ability to clean specific materials and contents, or that might hinder the work of our SERVPRO technicians in the property altogether. A burning building can produce several complicated obstacles for our cleaning team to overcome once it gets extinguished.

  • Type of Surface – the material involved in the combustion and its related reactions affects how complicated it later is to clean. Non-porous materials and paints are easier to surface clean than how deeply affected porous materials like drywall and wood become.
  • Age of the Property/Materials – Our SERVPRO professionals have seen how challenging cleaning can become with older materials such as carpeting, wallboard, or fabrics. The older the surface, the more difficult it usually is to clean.
  • Type of Smoke Produced – Wet and dry smoke incidents both create unique challenges for fire restorers. Wet smoke occurs when fire damage smolders and move slowly throughout a property at a lower heat. These conditions produce thick residues on surfaces. Dry smoke comes from hotter fires, which can be more damaging to structural elements and spread farther but produce an easier residue for our technicians to clean.

All of these factors play a role in the difficulty our SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress team has with cleaning up your property after a fire. With how quickly conditions can worsen after extinguishment, give our professionals a call 24/7 at (562) 431-9400. We have the skills, cutting-edge equipment, and powerful cleaning products to make losses “Like it never even happened.”

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